Sep 10, 2019

The FDA Is Restricting Access to the Easiest, Safest Form of Abortion

“… But the report card shows that even sites without physician oversight are selling legitimate meds. Anyone who orders medication from the seven other sites listed on Plan C can expect to receive an intact package of pills.

“It’s safer than Viagra to use this method of ending a pregnancy, and that includes people taking these pills from a clinic as well as ordering them online,” said Plan C cofounder Amy Merrill.

Advocates say that by targeting Aid Access and maintaining the restrictions on mifepristone, the FDA is stubbornly resisting the future of abortion access. As attacks on abortion rights continue to chip away at Roe v. Wade—which could get overturned completely, or undermined to the point of meaninglessness—more people are going to take matters into their own hands: A study from the Guttmacher Institute found that in a 30-day period in spring 2017, there were more than 200,000 U.S. Google searches for at-home abortions. But whereas that once meant using a coat hanger or other crude, DIY instruments to end a pregnancy, the advent of abortion pills means self-managed abortion no longer carries with it the same health risks.”

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