Jan 27, 2020

How Women Are Training to Do Their Own Abortions


“With clinics being shut down, with funding being pulled, with all of the legal and political forces that are trying to restrict access to abortion — like many other issues in our country, we’re seeing people rise up and saying, ‘Not here, no way.’ We’re too old for this. We’re too modern for this,” said Amy Merrill, digital director at Plan C, a website that grades purveyors of abortion-inducing pills on cost, shipping time, and quality. On the day Alabama passed a law to ban almost all abortions, Plan C had about 8,000 visits to their site — a 1,600% spike in traffic. “It’s resistance. It’s in response to what we’re seeing happen, which is that our rights are being taken away from us.”

After the forum, Feraldi told VICE News that, despite what happened to her grandmother, she has zero reservations about using pills to self-manage abortions. She wants to tell others what she’s learned. 

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