Mar 5, 2020

3 Women on What It's Like to Give Yourself an Abortion


I found out I was pregnant on New Year’s Day [2020]. That first week after I found out, my mind was all over the place, like, what do I want to do? Do I want another kid? I just moved to Mississippi recently and I have a three-year-old.

But then I started feeling sick, my relationship was going haywire, and my finances were dropping. I was like, OK, this is not the time. But since I’m in Mississippi there’s only one place here that provides abortions. It was just way too expensive and it was also hard for me to schedule with work. 

I got an advance on my tax returns that I could have used on the procedure, but I had promised my son that we would redecorate his bedroom for his birthday. It made me upset to think that [if I used the money for an in-clinic abortion] I wouldn’t be able to do that , but I knew I wouldn’t be able to raise another kid by myself.


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