May 7, 2020
The Guardian

States use coronavirus to ban abortions, leaving women desperate: ‘You can’t pause a pregnancy’

As restrictions have gone into place, interest has grown in self-managed abortions. Plan C, a website which provides information on self-managed abortions, saw daily visits grow 20% in April and 11% in March, around the time states enacted bans.

“There’s no reason in the world that a great number of abortions can’t be done through telemedicine,” said Ragsdale. “Talk to your doctor, or video conference, and have the drugs delivered to your home. The FDA regulations don’t allow that – it’s time they do.”

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The operating room at the Whole Woman’s Health clinic in Fort Worth, Texas. On 30 March the fifth circuit court of appeals reinstated the state’s executive order to restrict abortions during the pandemic. Photograph: Tony Gutierrez/AP

Even in states supportive of abortion clinic directors have said protesters have become more antagonistic during the pandemic, flouting social distancing guidelines.

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