Mar 13, 2023
CBS Austin

SXSW Pro Abortion Pop-up event invited entire public to learn about topic

Plan C curated a partnership with an Austin-based arts and culture collective called Future Front Texas for a pro-abortion pop-up. The event happened on Sunday, March 12, at Vuka which is located at 411 West Monroe Street from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. Some local businesses, magicians, a Latinx Vinyl club and local bands participated to show support. The event was open to the public for more people to attend.

Founder and Director of Future Front Texas Jane Hervey works to amplify and make crafty art with women and LGBTQ creatives in Austin.

"We are super excited, Future Front, is super excited to be here as a collaborator with Plan C both as a nonprofit organization and as well as plans in the film. To basically make a creative space during South by, where people can learn a bit more about abortion justice and reproductive justice. Not just in Texas, but in the national landscape," said Harvey.