Mar 13, 2023
Movie Jawn

PLAN C is a must see documentary

Plan C is a palpably tense film. So much so that I was worried an anti-abortionist was going to shoot up the screening room, and I split before the credits finished rolling. (Probably an irrational thought, but I’m an irrational thinker.) Everything in the Tracy Droz Tragos directed documentary presents a risk — from Francine Coeytaux (public health expert, abortion rights activist, and founder of the titular Plan C organization) getting anonymous providers of misoprostol and mifepristone to deliver medication to individuals in the mail, to the providers themselves, to the doctors and midwives supporting self-managed abortion, to just about anyone willing to be on camera. (Much of the identifying information of the film’s interviewees are obscured, from names, to faces, to voices.) That they do what they do while knowing the risks — which increase as the film goes on, spanning from 2018 (following the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court), through the pandemic, and into the post-Dobbs era — is inspiring and has certainly given me a desire to do more in the fight to preserve access to abortion (beyond donating to abortion funds and providers).