May 25, 2019
New Statesman

Why so many American women are ordering abortion pills online

…Meanwhile, another American non-profit, Plan C, which was founded in 2015 by two public healthcare experts, Elisa Wells and Francis Coeytaux, is also trying to plug the gaps in American abortion provision by providing women the information they need to obtain an abortion with pills.

It directs women who live in Georgia, Washington State, Maine, Oregon, New York, New Mexico, Hawaii and Colorado to a pilot “TelAbortion” project, which will mail abortion pills to a woman’s home following an online medical consultation.

For others, it offers information on how to safely self-administer a medical abortion. Knowing that many women have already tried to order abortion pills online, without knowing whether they are being scammed, Plan C compiles and regularly updates a “report card” that rates different websites from which you can buy abortion pills.

Wells told me that traffic to Plan C’s website keeps increasing, too. They now average around 40,000 hits a month.

“If the worst-case scenario happens [and Roe v Wade is overturned], there will be more need than ever for groups like Plan C, that are providing information for people to make their own decisions about the medical care they need, and to gain access to that medical care,” says Wells. “There’s no stopping people from accessing information and medications, we have a global economy and a global information system.”

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