May 27, 2020
Ms Magazine

No-Test Medication Abortion Increases Safety and Access During COVID-19

‘‘Taking another approach, Francine Coeytaux and Elisa Wells of Plan C are challenging the consensus understanding of the REMS restriction that the pill cannot be mailed to patients. They argue that providers may distribute mifepristone by mail. Coeytaux and Wells have been working with doctors across the country to register with the manufacturers of the pill. Dozens of doctors have signed up and several have already started shipping the pills or plan to do so soon.

“Most U.S. providers have taken the REMS to mean that mifepristone cannot be mailed,” Wells told the New York Times. “We disagree. We think providers have clear latitude to ‘dispense’ the drug from their offices and then ship it to patients, and we’re hearing from more and more of our colleagues who see it the same way.”

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