Apr 3, 2023

Imani Wilson-Shabazz of Plan C Pills on Accessing Abortion Pills in Advance and The Case for Mifepristone

With the ongoing debates surrounding reproductive rights and access to safe and effective abortion options in the U.S., we spoke with Imani Wilson-Shabazz, Partnerships and Engagement Manager at Plan C Pills. Imani shared insights on the work and impact of Plan C, some of the challenges they face around the recent mifepristone FDA case, and why it can be important for some people to get abortion pills before they actually need them.

Plan C Pills is dedicated to expanding access to safe and effective abortion. They provide essential information and resources for those looking for a safe and private way to terminate a pregnancy. Using tech and telemedicine, their platform connects patients with medical professionals who can provide not only abortion pills but guidance and support throughout the process.