Nov 25, 2019

Everything You Need To Know About The Abortion Pill

Is it safe to buy the abortion pill from an online pharmacy? 

Some people in the U.S. choose to self-manage their abortions by ordering the abortion pill through non FDA-approved websites. Plan C, an organization established to provide women more information about medication abortion, has developed a "report card" guide showing how authentic these unregulated sites are. It includes detailed information on quality of product, price, and shipping time. 

Can you get in trouble for buying it online? 

If you've been prescribed the abortion pill by a doctor (either in person or via telemedicine), you're in the clear. However, according to Plan C, if you purchase the pill on your own (without a prescription or without the supervision of a healthcare professional) the legal risk is unclear. Check out their guide "Can I get in trouble?" here.

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