Sep 13, 2021
Ms. Magazine

DOJ Files Emergency Motion to Stop Texas Abortion Ban, with Support from Democratic Attorneys General

“[Texas’s Senate Bill 8] is un-American. This is undemocratic. This does not comport in any way, shape or form with the rule of law as we know it. It’s an incredibly dangerous and slippery slope for this country to go down.”
—Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey

On Thursday, September 9, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland filed a lawsuit against Texas, seeking to block S.B. 8—the state’s newly-enacted abortion ban. S.B. 8 bans virtually all abortions, with no exceptions for rape or incest, and empowers private citizens to sue anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion, rewarding them a $10,000 bounty plus attorney fees if they win a case.

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