Aug 6, 2018
BUST Magazine

Cut The Bullshit: How Online Pharmacies Can Help People Have Safe And Private Abortions

Plan C's own op-ed was featured in BUST Magazine. 

Barriers to abortion care are common; 90% of US counties have no abortion provider, creating vast “abortion deserts.” Annika, a 28-year-old from Colorado, noted that "it’s 50 minutes to an hour to the nearest clinic, and I don’t have any way of getting there myself. There’s no public transport that goes there, and a taxi or Uber would just be too much on top of the cost of the procedure.” The cost of the procedure was also a barrier for Vonda, a 35-year-old with 3 children who lives in Texas. For her, it was a question of paying the rent or paying for an abortion. 

These experiences of ordinary women who were trying to access a legal health service are included in a study released earlier this month in Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health. The study looked at the motivations and experiences of people seeking medication abortion online in the United States. The findings document—in the words of women themselves—what we already know, that depending on where you live and how much money you have, an abortion can be hard to come by. But the study also revealed a possible solution to the abortion access problem, one that was seen as both convenient and desirable by women—making abortion pills available through online pharmacies. 

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