Aug 2, 2019
Anchorage Press

Plan C: A vital resource for women in Dunleavy's Alaska

“… In essence, abortion medications induce the natural functions of our own bodies. Before six weeks, the risk of miscarriage is up to 75%. Between six to twelve weeks – the time when most abortions are performed – the risk is up to 20%. Women have been encouraging their bodies to perform this normal process for thousands of years by means of intense exercise, herbs, massage, surgery, yoga twists, and tight girdles. Similarly, prior to modern birth control, women found their own means of contraception, not only herbs and abstinence but also practices like syncing their cycles and then leaving the village together while ovulating, presumably for great adventures.

Elective abortion in humans has happened throughout history, as a natural course of events and the lack of abortions a and general exploitation of our bodies, akin to the earth, is cumulatively the root of the unusual event of population explosion in the 20th century. This, of course, has been a mixed blessing. Indeed, female animals including mice, monkeys, and horses, have also been found to intentionally abort their fetuses at times. Even the authors of the Bible did not feel that abortion was important enough to explicitly mention, nevertheless prohibit, despite it regulating menstruation, childbirth, libido, and rape. This lack of theological foundation evidences the self-serving, malicious, and discriminatory nature of the religious right’s attack on women that should outrage us all.

At some point, if enough women self-manage their abortions and enough people support those who do, the government will not be able to go after us all. We need to stand tall against Dunleavy and his blows at our physical autonomy by letting other women know they have options. As a final note, please do not take this article as a substitute for advice from your medical or legal professional. Be safe and think for yourself!”

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