Mar 15, 2023
The Saxon

An ultra-conservative federal judge will decide the fate of the abortion pill in the United States

An ultra-conservative federal judge on Wednesday underlined the exceptional nature of an appeal filed by opponents of abortion, who are asking him to ban the abortion pill on the ;entire US territory.

In a closely watched hearing all the way to the White House, Magistrate Matthew Kacsmaryk, however, seemed receptive to some of their arguments, the few authorized reporters in the Amarillo, Texas court reported. .

At the end of the proceedings, the judge, who was a lawyer in a Christian organization before being appointed to this position by the former Republican President Donald Trump, has promised to deliver his decision as soon as possible, according to these reporters.

This is likely to have an impact as resounding as the judgment of the United States Supreme Court last June which dynamited the right to abortion at the federal level, which has allowed fifteen states to ban all abortions on their soil.