Mar 12, 2023
Style Caster

Abortion Pill Activists Feel Like They’re ‘Running a Drug Cartel in Order to Help People’

In the opening scene of Plan C, set in the United States in 2022, an unseen voice observes, “We have been seeing triple the amount of orders over the past couple weeks,” while she meticulously counts a number of white pills. “We operate in six states legally and all 50 states illegally.” the voice continues. This is in reference to medication abortion pills, known as Mifepristone, which is used in conjunction with Misoprostol, to help anyone who is pregnant up to 12 weeks safely terminate their pregnancy.

Produced and directed by Tracy Droz Tragos, Plan C is a documentary set in the United States that centers on the ongoing grassroots efforts to provide access to abortion across the country through the distribution of abortion pills in the wake of political and social unrest. Historically, the issue of abortion is one that remains highly controversial in the United States.